There are 6 different types of cards

1 : Gambling Hall – Downtown, LV – (TS-1P-S)
2 : Gambling Hall – Downtown, LV – (USPC-ST)
3 : Gambling Hall – 2nd and Fremont
4 : Gambling Hall and Rooming House
5 : Hotel and Casino
6 : Atlantic City Las Vegas

We can find 13 different backs

Type 1 (only ) : Violet
Type 2 (only) : Orange
Type 1, 2, 3 : Blue, Brown, Emerald Green, Red, Black
Type 4 : Green/Gold, Red/Gold
Type 5 : Green/Gold Hotel and Casino, Red/Gold Hotel and Casino
Type 6 : Gold Atlantic City, Black Atlantic City

The quality is not always the same

Only the cards of types 1 and 2 (<1970) have the same “plastic” finish as Jerry’s Nugget
Cards from 1970 (Ace of Spades beginning by M) have the new finish

The rarity is different between the color

The Violet and Orange only exist in type 1 and 2. They are rarest colors.

The Blue decks are also very rare but exist in type 3.

Hotel and Casino type 5 can be found uncancelled

You can find uncancelled decks of Type 5 Hotel and Casino (green/gold)

Downtown LV doesn’t mean old finish

Even if we think that Type 1 and Type 2 have the same plastic finish, last versions of Type 2 are the same as Type 3. Only decks <1970 have the good finish.

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